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TitleTodo joven hoy, Moroni
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsMolina, Hayrum Jared Narv

Submitted to the 2021 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest – Youth Division.

Age: 14

[Google Translate] This drawing was inspired by the famous title of liberty raised by Captain Moroni, reflecting the standard that every Latter-day Saint young man should practice: the Young Men theme. Done in 2B pencil, tempera, and fine liner on cardstock. The character, although represented with simplicity, reflects the brave and firm character of Captain Moroni, an example for the youth of the world through the years.

[Google Translate] The artist was born in the Paraguaná Peninsula, north of Venezuela, on August 31, 2006. Since he was a child he has shown the warmth of his native region. When he started drawing, he hid it because his first drawings embarrassed him. Over time, still in primary school, he helped his friends with their drawings. At home he made drawings everywhere. Before leaving Venezuela (at the age of 11), he drew an action figure from the Dragon Ball series on a door, which aroused his interest in learning to draw. Drawing, dancing, and playing soccer are the things he likes the most.

Todo joven hoy, Moroni by Hayrum Jared Narváez Molina