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Three Steps in Benjamin's Logic on Service

TitleThree Steps in Benjamin's Logic on Service
Publication TypeChart
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsWelch, John W., and Greg Welch
PublisherFoundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies
CityProvo, UT
KeywordsKing Benjamin; Service

King Benjamin, in his great discourse to the people in the land of Zarahemla, answers the question "Why should we serve?" In his speech recorded in Mosiah 2–5, he provides a logical yet somewhat surprising explanation for service. Benjamin is well known for his famous dictum on service in Mosiah 2:17. Actually, he mentions service two other times as he develops this topic more fully. This chart considers these three statements. They deal with service to God, our debt to God, and knowing God. On one level, a certain logic is embedded within each of these individual statements. On another level, the relationship between them is also logical and interdependent. If we serve men, then we only (merely) serve God. This does not win us great credit, for when we serve God, he blesses us and we are continually in his debt. Thus we have no reason to boast. Why, then, should we serve? If we are humble in our service, we will know God. Knowing the Master whom we serve is the great blessing that profits us more than anything else. This, to Benjamin, is the ultimate reason for service.



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Scripture Reference

Mosiah 2:1-5:15
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