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TitleThe Temple of Herod
Publication TypeChart
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsWelch, John W., and John F. Hall
PublisherFoundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies
CityProvo, UT
KeywordsCourt of Israel; Court of the Priests; Court of Women; Herod's Temple; Holy of Holies; Holy Place; Study Helps; Temple Worship

The floor plan of the temple is given on chart 3-6. This building was spectacular and magnificent, adorned with splendor and wealth. Its design emphasized the sanctity of the inner sanctuary, the Holy of Holies, where the High Priest alone officiated. The New Testament, especially in the Epistle to the Hebrews, recognizes Jesus as the new and eternal High Priest who offered the ultimate atoning sacrifice. The temple proper was contained within the temple complex located on the top of a large platform known as the Temple Mount. In the porticos surrounding that area were money changers, merchants selling sacrificial animals, and meeting places, where Jesus often taught, worked, challenged the established regime and was challenged back. Rendition of the temple courtesy of Michael Lyon.


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