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Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsParker, Mark
KeywordsTeancum (Nephite Captain); War Chapters; Warfare

Honorable Mention in the 2021 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest.

Teancum in a genuine Book of Mormon era setting. Within a culture that matches the descriptions in many respects, including literacy, population density, large cities connected by elevated highways, and described fortifications. 

Wars appear in archaeology research around Teancum's day, in the increase in fortifications and then in partial abandonment and population shift in a number of southern lowland cities from around 75bc.

"Whereas the Classic collapse has a long history of study, aided by rich hieroglyphic records, the understanding of the Preclassic collapse is more limited. In this regard, our high-resolution chronology provides particularly important information on the latter.

The trajectory of the Preclassic collapse at Ceibal exhibits a notable resemblance with that of the Classic collapse, with multiple waves of decline followed by short episodes of limited recovery.

In both cases, the first signs of social problems appear to have been related to the intensification of warfare. ... leading to the Preclassic collapse at Ceibal emerging at the beginning of the Xate phase, around 75 BC."

The Amalickiah wars during this period were very disruptive and extensive as cities were taken and inhabitants fled.

The artist is interested in many forms of art, and works also in screenwriting. He is passionate in wanting exciting stories from the Book of Mormon featured in popular big screen cinema. That the world may become familiar with hero's from the Book of Mormon and understand the book's divine origin and unmatched worth to man.

Teancum by Mark Parker

Scripture Reference

Alma 50:35