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Sketch of "Lehi, Sariah, Laman, Lemuel, Sam, Zoram, and Ishmael"

TitleSketch of "Lehi, Sariah, Laman, Lemuel, Sam, Zoram, and Ishmael"
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of PublicationNot Available
AuthorsFriberg, Arnold
KeywordsIshmael; Laman (Son of Lehi); Lehi (Prophet); Lemuel (Son of Lehi); Sam (Son of Lehi); Sariah; Zoram (Servant of Laban)

Graphite on Paper

18 1⁄2 x 23 1⁄2 in.

This work, perhaps unparalleled in LDS art, is a family portrait of figures that appear over and over in Friberg’s art. For Friberg, each person in his art, regardless of the lack of physical description in the Book of Mormon, was a specific individual with particular physical appearance, including costume, that clearly communicated his or her character.

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