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Old Testament Psalms in the Book of Mormon

TitleOld Testament Psalms in the Book of Mormon
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsHilton, III, John
Book TitleAscending the Mountain of the Lord: Temple, Praise, and Worship in the Old Testament (2013 Sperry Symposium)
PublisherDeseret Book
CitySalt Lake City
KeywordsAllusion; Intertextuality; Jacob (Son of Lehi); Nephi (Son of Lehi); Psalm of Nephi; Psalms; Worship

In this paper I provide forty-three phrases that have strong connections between the Book of Mormon and Old Testament Psalms. These demonstrate the extent to which the Psalms’ language of praise and worship influenced Book of Mormon authors. I will then provide two extended examples of how these connections can deepen our understanding and appreciation of both texts.


Scripture Reference

2 Nephi 4:17-35
Jacob 1:7
Jacob 6:6