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Offering at the Altar (Alma 34)
TitleOffering at the Altar (Alma 34)
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsAnderson, Sharon Price
Book TitleThe Glory of the Son
PublisherTime Lines Etc.
CityOrem, UT
KeywordsAltar; Poetry; Sacrifice

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Offering at the Altar 

I bring no unblemished firstlings 
that prefigured the sacrifice  
of  God’s Son, no first fruits,
no doves, not even fine flour.
Instead, I surrender my will—
forfeit forgetfulness, 
renounce indolence,
give away ungodliness.
I relinquish procrastination, 
excuses, distraction, doubt;
replace complacency 
with exactness, enmity with love.
and narrow the distance 
to His presence.


Scripture Reference

Alma 34:1-41