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Nephi and Zoram with the Brass Plates

TitleNephi and Zoram with the Brass Plates
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication1890
AuthorsChristensen, C.C.A.
DescriptionUnsigned, painted for the Deseret Sunday School Union, no date (1890), oil on composition board. 24 3/4" x 18 5/8".
KeywordsBrass Plates; Laban; Laman (Son of Lehi); Lemuel (Son of Lehi); Nephi (Son of Lehi); Sam (Son of Lehi); Zoram (Servant of Laban)

Lehi sent his sons back to Jerusalem to obtain genealogical and religious records. Nephi acquired the records with considerable difficulty, through divine aid, and persuaded Zoram, a servant who delivered the precious items to Nephi, to join his family in the wilderness. In this night scene Nephi and Zoram meet Nephi's brothers outside the walls of Jerusalem. The brothers, mistaking their identity, flee in panic. There is charming melodrama in the expressive nature of this painting.

Scripture Reference

1 Nephi 4
1 Nephi 4:20-38