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TitleNephi and Lehi (Sons of Helaman)
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsFullmer, James H.
KeywordsLehi (Son of Helaman); Nephi (Son of Helaman)

The elder son of Helaman son of Helaman. He was chief judge of the Nephites, but resigned to preach the gospel with his brother Lehi. He and his brother were named after Nephi and Lehi of ancient times to remind them of the great works of these men.

He and his brother had great success among the Lamanites, and he was given great power by the Lord. Sadly he did not have great success among his own people the Nephites. Although some esteemed him as a great prophet when he reveals the murder of the chief judge Seezoram by his brother Seantum, most did not heed his words.


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