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Moroni, A Sketch of the Nephite Republic, X

TitleMoroni, A Sketch of the Nephite Republic, X
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1890
AuthorsRoberts, B.H.
MagazineThe Contributor
Issue Number10
Date PublishedAugust 1890
KeywordsCapital Punishment; Captain Moroni; King-Men; Pahoran (Chief Judge)

Roberts discusses Moroni’s epistle to Pahoran, accusing the latter of disloyalty and destruction if he did not live up to the obligations of his office. The revolution of Pachus and the monarchists is revealed in Pahoran’s response, and Moroni goes to the besieged chief judge’s aid, putting down the erstwhile rebellion. Roberts offers thoughts on the seeming harshness of the Nephites’ capital punishment of those who rebelled and would not take up arms in defense of their government and their people. Following the defeated insurrection, Moroni is able to send reinforcements to his beleaguered fellows.