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The Manner of Translating the Book of Mormon

TitleThe Manner of Translating the Book of Mormon
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1939
AuthorsKirkham, Francis W.
MagazineImprovement Era
Issue Number10
Pagination596–597, 630–632
Date PublishedOctober 1939
KeywordsBook of Mormon Translation; Cowdery, Oliver; Harris, Martin; Smith, Hale, Emma; Smith, Joseph, Jr.; Three Witnesses; Urim and Thummim; Whitmer, David

This article quotes Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery, and other contemporary accounts to show how and where Joseph obtained the plates. It also quotes Emma Smith and the Three Witnesses to explain that the Book of Mormon was translated with divine aid and with the use of the Urim and Thummim.