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The Maidservant of Morianton Tells All

TitleThe Maidservant of Morianton Tells All
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsBronson, Sheridan
KeywordsMorianton's Maidservant

This piece took First Place in the 2019 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest.

In Alma 50:30, a female servant flees from the abuse of Morianton, who is on the brink of waging war to wrongfully claim a piece of land in the city of Lehi. The unnamed woman who reveals Morianton's plans to Moroni is only briefly mentioned, but in the verses following her introduction, it's made clear that had she not escaped and "told Moroni all things," the actions of Morianton and his people would have created circumstances that would have "lead to the overthrow of [the Nephites'] liberty." I love this woman who escaped from abuse and trusted that if she came to Moroni's camp for help and to give essential information, she would be listened to and cared for. We don't even know her name or anything else about her, but the people of Moroni were saved from a terrible future by her bravery.