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The Life of Joseph Smith, the Prophet

TitleThe Life of Joseph Smith, the Prophet
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1888
AuthorsCannon, George Q.
Number of Pages512
PublisherJuvenile Instructor Office
CitySalt Lake City
KeywordsEarly Church History; Smith, Joseph, Jr.
Joseph and Hyrum are now dead; but, like the first martyr they yet speak. Their united voice is one of testimony, admonition and warning to the world.
They lived men of God. They died pure and holy, sealing their testimony with their blood. No men ever suffered greater persecution than they; no men were ever less understood by their generation. It is in the hope that the Saints may find joy in reading of their beloved Prophet and  Patriarch, and that the world may judge more fairly of these benefactors of mankind, that this book is written.
To the Author its preparation has been a loving duty. In the midst of a somewhat busy and laborious life, he has found comfort in the contemplation of this great subject. The closing chapters, detailing the final sufferings upon earth of the Prophet of God and his ever-constant brother, were finished in a prison for adherence to the principles which they taught, and for this, the Life is invested with a dearer regard. To send the work away now is like being torn from a beloved companion when most the solace of his friendly presence is needed.
In some respects this volume may be imperfect; the circumstances which surrounded its preparation were not favorable to the collection and arrangement of materials. But it is believed to be truthful and just.
Life of Joseph Smith the Prophet