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Lesson 62 - Lehi's Colony Reach The Promised Land

TitleLesson 62 - Lehi's Colony Reach The Promised Land
Publication TypeManual Lesson
Year of Publication1898
Corporate AuthorsDeseret Sunday School Union
Manual TitleDeseret Sunday School Union Leaflets
PublisherGeorge Q. Cannon & Sons Company
Place PublishedSalt Lake City
KeywordsEcology; Horses; Lehi (Prophet); Scripture Study; Transoceanic Voyage

When Lehi and his people reached the promised land they landed and pitched their tents, they acknowledged that the Lord had indeed fulfilled His promises unto them. He had guided them through the wilderness, had enabled them to construct a vessel in which He had brought them safely across the mighty breadth of ocean which extended from Arabia to the coast of what is now called South America. The prophet Joseph, in speaking of their place of landing, said it was on the coast of the country now known as Chili—a country which possesses a genial, temperate and healthful climate. They then prepared the ground and put in all the seeds which they had brought with them from the land of Jerusalem. They found the soil admirably adapted for agriculture. Their seeds grew and yielded good crops, and they were blessed with abundance.

In exploring the wilderness after their arrival they found animals of every kind — the cow, the ox, the ass and the horse, the goat and the wild goat, and all manner of wild animals which were for the use of man; they also found ores of all kinds, particularly of gold, silver and copper. The animals they tamed for their use, and Nephi and his people raised large flocks and herds of animals of various kinds.

Scripture Reference

1 Nephi 18:23-25