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The Lamanites (A Book of Mormon Sketch) (5 July 1880)

TitleThe Lamanites (A Book of Mormon Sketch) (5 July 1880)
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1880
AuthorsReynolds, George
MagazineThe Latter Day Saints' Millennial Star
Issue Number27
Date Published5 July 1880
KeywordsAaron (Son of King Mosiah); Alma the Younger; Ammon (Son of King Mosiah); Ammonites (Lamanite Converts); Anti-Nephi-Lehies; Chronology; Himni (Son of King Mosiah); Lamanites; Missionary Work; Omner (Son of King Mosiah); People of Ammon; Sons of Mosiah

This series sketches out the character of the Lamanites. Reynolds also writes concerning Sariah, Lehi’s wife. The third part covers Lamanite history during the ministry of Alma and the sons of Mosiah and the subsequent conversion of the Anti- Nephi-Lehies.