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TitleLamanitas vs Nefitas
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsTrejo, Israel
KeywordsCaptain Moroni; Warfare

Acrylic painting on a handmade circular drum, made by indigenous people from Mexico. The drum has a circumference of 77cm with a thickness of 6 cm. This painting depicts Alma 43:43-46.

During his childhood, Israel Trejo won a painting contest at the national level at only 5 years old. He began to develop the ability to draw; however, there wasn't much opportunity for artistic education in his town, so he developed his talents independently. When he returned from his full-time mission he studied at the Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Chihuahua. During his five years there, he discovered his love of painting. Since then he has participated in both national and regional exhibitions.

He is now happily married with a child of just 1 year old. He enjoys his work an art instructor. Much of his art focuses on his personal principles and beliefs, which is why his goal is to reach thousands of homes with his paintings and to help preach the gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Submitted to the 2020 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest.

Scripture Reference

Alma 43:43-46