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King Benjamin’s Speech: "That Ye May Learn Wisdom"

TitleKing Benjamin’s Speech: "That Ye May Learn Wisdom"
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1998
Series EditorWelch, John W., and Stephen D. Ricks
Number of Pages661
PublisherFoundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies
CityProvo, UT
KeywordsKing Benjamin; Speech; Wisdom

For readers of the Book of Mormon, King Benjamin’s speech is a treasure trove of inspiration, wisdom, eloquence, and spiritual insight. King Benjamin’s Speech: “That Ye May Learn Wisdom” is the most substantial collection of studies ever to focus exclusively on this landmark address.

The contributors examine this speech in the multifaceted contexts in which it was delivered: as a classic speech of a departing leader near the time of his death, as the focus of an annual festival season mandated anciently under the law of Moses, as part of a covenant renewal ceremony delivered within the sacred precinct of the Nephite temple in Zarahemla, and as preparation for the coronation of a new king.

Historical and linguistic tools and information are employed in these essays to help the reader to better grasp the speech’s historical setting, its doctrinal implications, its literary qualities, its influence then and now, and its overall brilliance. This book contains the complete text of the speech along with detailed notes, cross-references, textual commentary, and a select bibliography.


Table of Contents

14 Chapters

John W. Welch, Stephen D. Ricks | pp. ix-xv
John W. Welch | pp. 55-88
John W. Welch, Daryl R. Hague | pp. 89-117
Hugh W. Nibley | pp. 119-145
Terrence L. Szink, John W. Welch | pp. 147-223
John W. Welch | pp. 225-232
M. Catherine Thomas | pp. 277-294
John W. Welch | pp. 315-410
Book cover of King Benjamin's Speech: "That Ye May Learn Wisdom"