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TitleThe Keystone
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsPino, Christian Joel Loor
KeywordsFirst Vision; Gold Plates; Liahona; Temple

1st Place in the 2017 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest

Christian is a freelance illustrator living in Ecuador. This piece interweaves some of the key events and symbols represented in the Book of Mormon. The Salt Lake Temple is featured in the center right, with the angel Moroni posed below. Nephi’s ship bound for the promised land is depicted in the center left, flanked by the Liahona. The entire piece is crowned with a depiction of the First Vision, as the final piece in the Book of Mormon’s narrative, and the beginning of the Restoration. This piece is meant to demonstrate how the Book of Mormon explores varied themes and ideas, yet connects and encapsulates them into one great whole.

Scripture Reference

1 Nephi 5:21
1 Nephi 16:10
1 Nephi 17:8
1 Nephi 18:24
Mosiah 9:9
Mormon 8:14
2 Nephi 12:2
Mosiah 18:4
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