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TitleLike Joshua (3 Nephi 17:3)
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsAnderson, Sharon Price
Book TitleThe Glory of the Son
PublisherTime Lines Etc.
CityOrem, UT
KeywordsJoshua (Prophet); Poetry

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Like Joshua

Resolutely, I study the problem,
Day after day, 
I circumambulate the walled city, 
impenetrable as Jericho.  
I ponder its formidability, 
consider my inadequacies. 
Following the Spirit, Spirit-led,
I make my way around 
bouldered obstacles.
Prayerfully, I practice
the most judicious path,
grow in strength and knowledge. 
On the final day, I lay aside
my fears, gather confidence, 
faith, and courage. 
Seven times, I compass 
the prize, discomfit the
enemy, assault the 
fortress with a mighty shout.
Walls come tumbling down.


Scripture Reference

3 Nephi 17:3