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TitleIzapa Stela 5 and the Book of Mormon
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1961
AuthorsJakeman, M. Wells
MagazineThe Instructor
Issue Number12
Pagination410-411, 429
Date PublishedDecember 1961
KeywordsArchaeology; Izapa Stela 5; Mesoamerica; Tree of Life

A representation of the “tree of life” was found in a carving on a large stone monument in Southern Mexico at the ruin site of Izapa. It was the fifth of carved stone slabs located in the temple courts. The art style is pre-Mayan. It appears to represent two cherubim or Near Eastern-type figures, six figures that surround the tree, and a river of water. Two name glyphs were discovered and translated into the names Lehi and Nephi.