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High as the Cross (Alma 33:19-20; Helaman 8:14-15)

TitleHigh as the Cross (Alma 33:19-20; Helaman 8:14-15)
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsAnderson, Sharon Price
Book TitleThe Glory of the Son
PublisherTime Lines Etc.
CityOrem, UT
KeywordsBrazen Serpent; Fiery Flying Serpent; Poetry

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High as the Cross 

Poisonous serpents
obstruct our path,
inflict wilderness pain.
We perish from 
their fiery sting.
Venom of revenge courses 
through our veins.
Enmity enervates our limbs.
Behold the cure, 
scaled and feathered, 
like Moses’s staff, 
caduceus high.
Except we look, we die. 


Scripture Reference

Alma 33:19-20
Helaman 8:14-15