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Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsHair, Margot
KeywordsAngel Moroni
Honorable Mention in the 2020 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest
3 Nephi 21: An abstraction of the angel flying through heaven with the everlasting gospel to go forth to all nations, kindreds, tongues and people.  The rake directly represents the gathering of Israel (v 28); also the legs and skirt of the angel. The 6-pointed star is indicative of the ongoing work of the Lord and the 12 facets, each with 3 points, represent the perfect organization of the restored gospel; also the head of the angel. This work can only be accomplished via the direction of the Holy Ghost (v. 2) gained by our constant striving to hear Him; also the arms of the angel. 
Margot Hair loves to paint and create things that have layers of meaning. She enjoys seeing beauty where others may not see it and celebrating the creative spirit that Heavenly Father has given her.

Scripture Reference

3 Nephi 21:2
3 Nephi 21:28