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TitleFood Plants in the Book of Mormon
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsMiller, Wade E.
Book TitleScience and the Book of Mormon: Cureloms, Cumoms, Horses and More
PublisherKCT & Associates
CityLaguna Niguel, CA
KeywordsAncient America – North America; Barley; Book of Mormon Anachronisms; Botany; Corn; Wheat

Miller discusses the claims made by Book of Mormon critics that the appearance of some food plants such as barley and wheat in the record is anachronistic, and that these didn't exist in the Americas prior to Columbus. While the presence of a type of barley has been identified by archaeologists in North America, wheat has not. Miller is not troubled by this, and believes it will be at a future date. The possibility of a domesticated version that became extinct due to neglect is mentioned. While "neas" and "sheum" are both mentioned as foodstuffs, at present we do not have any clue as to their identity.