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Cycloides: Regularly Circulating Repetition

TitleCycloides: Regularly Circulating Repetition
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Year of Publication2016
AuthorsPinnock, Hugh W., and Fernando Vazquez

Cycloides, a moderately common form of Hebrew writing, is beautifully and cleverly designed. Its name implies "resembling a circle." Cycloides “is so called because the sentence or phrase is repeated at intervals, as though in regular circles." It is quite easy to identify because the same words at a somewhat noticeable but not always predictable frequency circulate throughout a passage to delineate and connect a specific message. A block of text containing a cycloides almost always has an exact beginning and ending. The word or phrase creating the cycloides is not used in proximity before or after that block of text.


An extract from Hugh W. Pinnock, Finding Biblical Hebrew and Other Ancient Literary Forms in the Book of Mormon (Provo, UT: Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, 1999), 33.

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