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Come Follow Me Insights (Doctrine and Covenants 109-110)

TitleCome Follow Me Insights (Doctrine and Covenants 109-110)
Publication TypeVideo
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsHalverson, Taylor, Tyler J. Griffin, and Ken Alford
PublisherBook of Mormon Central
Place PublishedSpringville, UT
KeywordsDiscipleship; Elias (Prophet); Elijah (Prophet); Kirtland Temple; Moses (Prophet); Sacrifice; Sealing Power; Smith, Joseph, Jr.; Spirit of Elias; Temple Worship

Join Taylor and Tyler today with their guest, Ken Alford as they discuss the Kirtland Temple dedication and the Pentecostal experiences surrounding it. Learn about reconnecting with God through Temple worship in this inspiring episode.

Citation Key9027

Scripture Reference

Doctrine and Covenants 109:1
Doctrine and Covenants 110:1