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TitleChiasmus in the Book of Mormon
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1982
AuthorsWelch, John W.
EditorReynolds, Noel B.
Book TitleBook of Mormon Authorship: New Light on Ancient Origins
PublisherReligious Studies Center
CityProvo, UT

From the day the Book of Mormon rolled off the press in 1830, those who gave it credence asserted that it obviously read like a Hebrew text. Those who were not so convinced insisted that it obviously read like anything but a Hebrew text. Actually, all that became obvious was the failure of both believers and unbelievers to cite much specific evidence. However, numerous Hebrew characteristics of the Book of Mormon have been recognized in recent literature; in addition to these we can now cite many specific passages which bear the distinct stamp of an ancient Hebraic literary form which scholars call chiasmus.