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TitleBYU Studies Quarterly 58/1 (2019)
Publication TypeJournal
Secondary AuthorsHarper, Steven C.
Year of Publication2019
PublisherBrigham Young University
Place PublishedProvo, UT
KeywordsBYU Studies; Scholarship

This issue begins with Reid Neilson and Carson Teuscher’s history and analysis of the 1923 Eastern States Mission gathering at the Hill Cumorah. Matthew Godfrey sees in a simple pay order a history of the wives and children of 1840s missionaries struggling to survive in the absence of their husbands and fathers. Joseph Spencer explores Alma’s message about Korihor’s teachings and sees faith in a new way in relation to knowledge. Shannon Tracy, Glen Leonard, and Ronald Watt explain why the bell that has been labeled since 1939 at Temple Square as the “Nauvoo bell” is not the same bell that hung in the first Nauvoo Temple. Christopher Blythe tells about a Brigham Young revelation in 1874 about the United Order. Alex Smith shares a memory of 1844 Carthage by Amanda Benton Smith, wife of the captain of the Carthage Greys. Clark Monson shares a sweet remembrance of the lessons he learned from Thomas S. Monson fishing in the Provo River. Sam Brown tells that he learned to bake during his wife’s illness but more importantly he learned to see in a new way. Ben Schilaty shares his views as a gay Latter-day Saint, valuing the multitude of choices that lie before him. Poetry, book reviews, and an artist’s note round out this issue.