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The Book of Mormon and Other Hidden Books: "Out of Darkness Unto Light"

TitleThe Book of Mormon and Other Hidden Books: "Out of Darkness Unto Light"
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsTvedtnes, John A.
Number of Pages266
PublisherFoundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies
CityProvo, UT
KeywordsEarly Christianity; Hidden Books; Hidden Records; Islam; Judaism; Metal Plates; Middle Ages; Recordkeeping

If it existed in only one ancient copy, says John Tvedtnes, the Book of Mormon may have been unique. But in virtually every other way it resembles many ancient books. In this present volume, Tvedtnes shows perhaps fifty things about ancient records that must have been hilarious in 1830 but make perfect sense today: the ubiquity of intentionally hiding books in all kinds of ingenious containers made of many materials, including stone boxes and ceramic jars; books incised on obdurate surfaces, like metals, bones, and ivory; inked papyri and parchments treated with swaddling cloths soaked in cedar and citrus oils to prevent decay; many sealed and open records; waterproofing sealants like bitumen and white lime mortar; caves serving as repositories of treasures buried in many sacred mountains; the ancient perception of permanence and eternalism associated with the preservative functions of writers and guardians of written records. Many twentieth-century discoveries of ancient documents have made all of this visible.

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Table of Contents

15 Chapters

H. Curtis Wright | pp. ix-xii
John A. Tvedtnes | pp. 1-7
John A. Tvedtnes | pp. 9-30
John A. Tvedtnes | pp. 31-57
John A. Tvedtnes | pp. 59-73
John A. Tvedtnes | pp. 75-107
John A. Tvedtnes | pp. 109-126
John A. Tvedtnes | pp. 127-143
John A. Tvedtnes | pp. 145-154
John A. Tvedtnes | pp. 155-166
John A. Tvedtnes | pp. 167-174
John A. Tvedtnes | pp. 175-182
John A. Tvedtnes | pp. 227–250
The Book of Mormon and Other Hidden Books: "Out of Darkness Unto Light"