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Beneath the Canopy of Heaven (1 Nephi 9:1; 1 Nephi 10:16)

TitleBeneath the Canopy of Heaven (1 Nephi 9:1; 1 Nephi 10:16)
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsAnderson, Sharon Price
Book TitleThe Glory of the Son
PublisherTime Lines Etc.
CityOrem, UT

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Beneath the Canopy of Heaven

Traveling between bondage 
and the promised land,
Abraham, Lehi, and the 
house of Israel dwelt in tents.
Unhindered by the weight of the world,
they left permanence of marble and mortar,
and ate sweet meat provided by the Lord.
We follow the fathers, pilgrim the path.
Camping as companies, 
we circle the center, plant the pole, 
set the stakes, lengthen the cords.
Through forest-fragrant boweries and 
tent’s thin skin, we hear the Spirit’s voice, 
see Heaven’s light.  Unencumbered, 
we can move in a moment, worship as one,
ascend the mountain, behold the Son.


Scripture Reference

1 Nephi 9:1
1 Nephi 10:16