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TitleAuthenticity of the Book of Mormon
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1915
AuthorsSjodahl, Janne M.
Number of Pages24
PublisherMillennial Star Office
KeywordsArchaeology; Book of Mormon Authorship; Book of Mormon, Prophecies of; Deseret (Honeybee); Eight Witnesses; Language - Hebrew; Liahona; Morality; Mulek (Son of King Zedekiah); Prophecy; Shazer; Spaulding, Solomon; Three Witnesses

A combined reprint of four articles that appeared in the Millennial Star from 29 July to 19 August 1915. Here, the author wishes to convince the reader that the Book of Mormon is authentic by using historical, linguistic, and archaeological evidence, plus the testimonies of the Three and Eight Witnesses alongside examples of biblical scriptures that have been fulfilled through the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is a “good book” that leads people to improve themselves and their lives.