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The Alma Family (A Book of Mormon Sketch) (9 February 1880)

TitleThe Alma Family (A Book of Mormon Sketch) (9 February 1880)
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication1880
AuthorsReynolds, George
MagazineThe Latter Day Saints' Millennial Star
Issue Number6
Date Published9 February 1880
KeywordsAlma (Book); Alma the Younger; Missionary Work; Prophet; Prophetic Call; Prophetic Mantle; Prophetic Succession

This series presents a life sketch of the Alma family, many of whom became prophets. The life of Alma the Younger is compared to the Apostle Paul—both were called upon to repent and became great missionaries for the Lord. The prophecies of Alma are among the most numerous, important, and interesting in the Book of Mormon, and his inspired advice to his sons contains many doctrinal matters. Helaman the son of Helaman, grandson of Alma, carried on the work of righteousness in spite of the Gadianton robbers. His son Nephi was a great prophet who paved the way for the visit of Christ in America. Nephi’s brother Lehi and Lehi’s son Nephi were also great leaders. The fourth part continues the discussion of Alma the Younger.