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TitleAaron - Son of Mosiah
Publication TypeArtwork
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsFullmer, James H.
KeywordsAaron (Son of King Mosiah); Missionary Work

Son of king Mosiah II, he was with Alma the younger when he saw the angel. He was the brother of Ammon, Omner and Himni. He refused to take his rightful place as king in favor of serving the Lord as a missionary to the Lamanites. Right at the start of his mission, it was his lot to come upon a very hardhearted group and had to be rescued from prison by Ammon and King Lamoni. He and his companions suffered hunger, thirst and all kinds of afflictions but Aaron was blessed to be able to be the means of converting Lamoni's Father, the king of all the Lamanites.

Many of the Lamanites who rejected his message at the beginning of his mission, remembered his words and were converted years later (Alma 25:6).

Mosiah 27 - 29 and Alma 17 - 35


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