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Book Chapter
Peterson, Daniel C.. "Notes on "Gadianton Masonry"." In Warfare in the Book of Mormon, edited by Stephen D. Ricks and William J. Hamblin, 174-224. Provo, UT/Salt Lake City: Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies/Deseret Book, 1990.
Journal Article
Oman, Nathan B.. ""Secret Combinations": A Legal Analysis." The FARMS Review 16, no. 1 (2004): 49-73.
Magazine Article
Shreeve, Thomas A.. "A Sacred History: External Evidences of the Truth of the Book of Mormon, Chapter X." Juvenile Instructor 22, no. 15 (1887): 237-238.
Nibley, Hugh W.. "There Were Jaredites - Our Own People - Concluded." Improvement Era 60, no. 2 (1957): 94-95, 122-124.